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3 Month Gift Subscription given by An Anonymous Deviant
An Anonymous Deviant gave you a Core Membership!

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the individual for this beautiful gesture and present, I am both humbled and speechless (very very rare for me).

Thank you :hug:

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Pssst - It's the last day to join in, don't miss out on all the fun

The Tandem Contest.

Details available here:

and for those in the UK, don't forget Mother's Day is in 20 days.

UK Mother's Day is Sunday 26th March 2017

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DeviantArt and Wix: With a Kindred Spirit

I'm personally looking forward to this - I see many great things to come. I already have 4 wix websites and have nothing but high praise for wix. A great partnership.

A suggestion from me perhaps :- 

Start making wallpapers for websites not just landscape but portrait as well.

Examples available here (but not limited to):…
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By joining get watchers you can increase the amount of people watching.…

I didn't know this existed - till now
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Father's Day isn't far away.
Not this Sunday - Next Sunday

What a great time to make your Father's Day Card.

As a father myself, my children know I would sooner have a card lovingly made by them, rather than them spend money on a shop bought one.

If you get stuck for words to put inside the card try this link:…
DA Badges

If you're new 
and want something to do,
why not pop along
simple instructions you'll find, 
not taxing for the mind,
just have a little play,
or have something to say,
and badges will appear,
to add some cheer
to make you smile,
when you see them on your profile
Please remember to share,
so others are aware
that badges so small
aren't difficult at all
click the link in this little ditty
to make your profile oh so pretty

Dune Drifter
Thought for the day, I was also thinking of Book covers.
Taking a look at the paperbacks in the local library, I thought what a great way to earn coins on deviantart.

Making book covers for all those members writing stories.
Just Draw or paint your picture as a portrait, and using something like to write and download the titles, then just add them in. 

Just a thought :)
I've now added some of the photographs of our garden. The garden is lovely, sorry they're not professional grade material (no where near), but they are there to try to capture some of the essential elements. Hopefully, with a lot more training (and luck on my part), we can come up with something magical.

Plans for the future, produce free backdrops for artists that want to add fairies etc playing amongst the flowers.
I'll add some of the photographs from our garden (last years) tomorrow.
Yuukon (Monique) - is celebrating 1,000 Watchers Party for all.
A link to the details below:

1000 Watchers Celebration + Points Raffle